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Hotels / SPA

Tell your story. Through your own unique fragrance.

Unique, individual, intimate.
Sometimes poignant, sometimes joyous, fragrances never fail to trigger emotions and desires that we always cherish, long for or bind ourselves to. They carry us away to lands long lost and people long forgotten, giving shape to our memories, adding colour to our consciousness. They are our handy conveyences that allow us to escape to deeply peculiar and treasured places of our own. They tell a story. And help form the tapestry of our lives.

Fragrances also reflect and enhance our individuality. They announce our arrival and defines our character. Also, conversely, fragrances can be intelligently made to define a particular personality, accentuate it or employed to create associations. Not just for people, but also for institutions and brands, expecially in the hospitality sector. Nyassa has been working on developing innovative fragrances and toiletries for the hospitality industry that powerfully communicate their brand’s personality to their guests in delightful and memorable ways.

Fragrance Science
The sense of smell is the only sense that is linked directly to the Limbic System, the part of our brain where emotions are created and memories are stored. That’s the reason why we respond to fragrances instinctively, bypassing the rational apparatus, allowing us to create pleasant associations and recognize environments. And the memory that is linked to a smell is the one that we most likely remember. Nyassa’s hospitality division was created to offer hotels or such establishments, firstly a scientific and logical basis in

Multi-layered Customization
Imagine walking into a beach side resort hotel . As you step into the lobby you are greeted by the sweet and affecting frangrance of Firanjipani or the crisp and bracing scent of the ocean; you check into your room, you are surrounded by the soothing fragrance of perhaps, a particular lavender; your shower gel is fortified with wholesome seaweed extract and your lotion contains rose oil; as you walk into the speciality Indian restaurant the redolence of sandalwood or the expressiveness of jasmine surrounds you; the Thai restaurant welcomes you with fragrant lemongrass, the handwash in the coffee shop smells like freshly brewed coffee, the moisturizer at the poolside is cleverly infused with shea butter- a natural sun protectant. Later, as you prepare to sleep, gently resting your head on the pillow, the romantic fragrance of the pillow mist carts you to an enchanting land of pleasant dreams.

Thoughtful, sensitive, obliging.
Just an example of how the theme of a hotel can be ingeniously extended, with proper use of the right fragrances and thoughtfully conceived toiletries, to satiate the sense of smell, and create strong associations with the property through everyday products. Whether it is palace themed or a hotel for business stay, the right design of fragrances along with the pick of the appropriate amenities, will go a long way in clinching a welcome advantage over others through an opportunity to deliver the X factor to your customers.

Partner with Nyassa
To effectively develop an olfactory identity and to create appropriate bath and body products, close collaboration is imperative. Studies are necessary. We would welcome an opportunity to present to you our methodology and our learnings, and to put forward our grounds for amplifying your brand’s character. Every Fragrance tells a story. And that story can be yours. Eloquently told.