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A Fruitilicious Bath Ritual Berry berry

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Enjoy the burst of fruity fragrance with every bathing experience. The delectable fruity aroma brings to your mind fresh and luscious berries like a walk through natures garden. The Berry Berry range contains Beetroot and Strawberry extracts which provide soft, healthy and supple skin. This eye-catching box includes a Handmade Soap, Shower gel, Body Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner for a cherished bathing ritual in Berry Berry fragrance

* Handmade bath and body products from leading artisanal brand from India
* Paraben-free
* cruelty-free
* 100% vegetarian
*soaps contain trademark active base- a unique base of seven pure cold-pressed oils and ingredients
* Blending the most exotic fragrances and natural ingredients with love, hand crafted for you to give you all new bathing experience.

More Information
Ingredients Key Ingredients - Berry Berry Handmade Soap - Shea Butter, Raw Cane Sugar, and Strawberry Extract. Berry Berry Shower Gel- Strawberry Extract and Beetroot Extract. Berry Berry Body Lotion - Strawberry Extract,cold-pressed Avocado Oil, Shea Butter,cold-pressed sweet almond oil. Berry Berry Shampoo- Hibiscus Extract, Beetroot Extract,Barley hydrolyzed protein.
Ingredient Benefits The gift box brings benefits of each individual product
1) Berry Berry soap 50 gm
2) Berry Berry shampoo 50 ml
3)Berry Berry Conditioner 50 ml
4) Berry Berry shower gel 50 ml
5) Berry Berry body lotion 50 ml all with a delectable fruity fragrance and Beetroot and Strawberry extracts which provide soft, healthy and supple skin.
How To Use Wet the soap and rub it till it foams, apply on your wet body, massage it all over and then rinses well. For optimal longevity, keep the Nyassa soap in a well-drained soap dish between uses; Nyassa shampoo - Take a small amount of the cleanser, dilute in water, and massage into wet scalp and hair for one to two minutes. Rinse well. Use once again if required. Rinse well till water runs clear. Follow with conditioner. Nyassa conditioner -Take a little conditioner and work through the strands of your hair till the tips. Do not apply on your scalp as it will weigh down the hair. Leave in for 3 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. Nyassa shower gel -Can be used with your hands or can be also used with a washcloth or a loofah. Take a little shower gel in your hand and rub all over your body. Use just like washing with soap. Rinse thoroughly. Nyassa body lotion -Take one to two pumps of lotion on your palm and apply it to the entire body. Massage it for a few minutes on your skin to help it penetrate.
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