The City of Dreams, Mumbai. An exhibition of talent from around the country. One such outstanding talent is the group of Women Artisans.

All the beautiful products manufactured in Nyassa run on an assembly line with a bunch of hands of very dedicated women artisans. These hands that rock the cradle transfers the same love and care for each and every product that passes through them. Right from the factory head to the end of the line, is a bunch of only women artisans who are the production unit, chemist, researcher, cutters, packers, etc. Every product is thus handmade, hand-cut, and wrapped by these beautiful minds on a song.

Well trained and cultured on manufacturing their art, they put a stamp of excellence on every soap bar, lotion or any other product manufactured. The strength of our brand and its excellent quality and consistency rest on these delicate but extremely strong hands. These women artisans have dedicated their skill to make every other woman look beautiful and happy. Their smile is transmitted through our products on to the customer.

Sometimes we wonder, what is it that motivates these artisans to face every challenge in their life and juggle at the same time to create their magic. Sometimes we also wonder how they are so consistent with their output and make “Handmade” the new symbol of luxury and premium. We think it’s their heart through which the “Love-Lava” flows. Nurturing and promising every product, gift wrapped with honesty and simplicity, to put a smile on every customer. We salute them and we are indebted to all our women artisans who make us feel proud every single day.

The Nyassa brand is made for a woman by a woman.