Nyassa; from Heaven and Earth; a thinking that we have adapted for Nyassa products. Fragrances that give you all the feels of heaven and earth. Over the past fourteen years Nyassa has grown like a baby that learns from mistakes and adapts to the environment not just to thrive but to progress with age. Although we have grown many fold, we are still a small business and at the heart of Nyassa are the women who work efficiently to bring forward every product with love and care. We claim to be 100% natural and handmade but what makes this claim bold are the women who make it a reality, everyday at our factory. Every little detail and step of making a soap is taken care of by the women artisans of Nyassa. We have always believed that soap making is an art, after all it requires precision and knowledge about ingredients that go into it. Every soap that we make is hand cut and hand packed by the artisans at our factory. To call them just workers who work at our factory would be unjustifiable. We rather call them the strength of our brand, the artists behind every product that we put forth in front of our customers. Every Nyassa product is formulated by blending pure and natural ingredients with rare and exotic fragrances that offers their users a complete and unmatched mind and body experience. To make sure these ingredients remain pure and a task that requires delicacy and care. In a world that’s torn into two parts, the one that supports and encourages women and another that drags them down, we choose to be on the side that empowers them, motivates them to reach new heights and not just to thrive the social stigmas. We are a strength of 14 women but we can proudly say that each artisan here inspires every other artisan to push their limit and work at full potential.