Indulge yourself in the divinity and purity of the Lotus flower! A symbol of rebirth and enlightenment, lotus has one of the purest fragrances which have been incorporated in scents and beauty products for decades. The lotus extract is a boon to the skin as it is rich in potent antioxidants, vitamins, and polyphenols. Relish yourself in the tranquil state with the fragrances of a divine lotus in this gift set by Nyassa which contains Divine Lotus Incense Sticks, Divine Lotus Handmade soap, Divine Lotus roll-on, Lily, and Lotus Candle Votive, Handcrafted Premium Tea, and Chocolates. 1. Divine Lotus Incense Sticks: Surround your aura with the pure and divine fragrances of the Lotus flower. 2. Divine Lotus Handmade Soap: Replenish your skin with the natural oils of Lotus. Lotus extract present in this soap unclogs the pores and prevents acne and blackheads. 3. Divine Lotus Roll-on: Dab onto your wrist and feel the unique blend of essential oils from the lotus flower. 4. Lily and lotus candle votive: Light up and enjoy the tender and pure aura this fragrance has to offer. 5. Handcrafted Premium Tea: A special treat for your loved one, authentic, handcrafted premium tea. 6. Chocolates by Binge: Made from the right blend of ingredients, these chocolates from Binge are a perfect treat on a busy day. Go grab this amazing assemble on this link and bewitch her soul.