Since time immemorial man has always been in the mode of an eternal quest. First, he was troubled by the thought of whether the world was round or flat and he found the answer. Next, he wanted to fly like a bird and he found the answer. Next, he wondered how to land on the moon and he found an answer, but when it comes to gifting any woman, the man is still looking for an answer. He is yet to conquer that quest.

Whether it is your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, cousin, or just your friend… it is one of the most difficult tasks to choose the perfect gift. If you were to even try to attempt to choose a perfect gift, you cannot do it till you somewhat understand what a woman is made up of.

A woman is swayed by the fragrances of the daffodil in the wind. Dark chocolates can sometimes hit the bulls-eye, but it is always a hit in a woman’s eye. She is totally a different being when you ask her to step back and reflect. You will hear stories from her over a cup of tea. At all times she is pious, but when she is still, she is DIVINE! What makes her still? Maybe a prayer with incense or candle around her.

But one of the sure times to understand her is when she is in the mood for grooming. The time stops still. The inner beauty merges with the outer one. Though we may still become masters of the above, we will see that we have yet not understood her. Maybe we can try gifting her Divine Lotus Gift Set by Nyassa.

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