I read an article once and got to know that Cleopatra filled her ship with roses until knees to create an enchanting image while on her way to meet Antony, all because of the fragrance of blossoms, they create a romantic aura and a memory that transports. Fragrances have always enchanted men to follow women, women to follow men and it’s not something that is new. What began as a tradition has now become a lifestyle. Of all the fragrance categories, floral is the most versatile and dear to perfumers for they sell extensively. Not just that, a person who loves floral fragrances has too many options to choose from because of the enormous range of fragrances. The process that started with crushing of petals and storing with oils for years has now become a high-tech one. Though some brands opt for a chemical procedure, to extract and enhance the fragrance from a flower, we at Nyassa completely avoid it. Our fragrances come from natural ingredients, from nature itself. Nyassa has a collection of floral soaps which includes all the divine and exotic fragrances of rose, temple mogra, raat ki rani, lotus, hibiscus, etc. We had a wide range of floral fragrances like Rose, Mogra, Raat ki Rani, Lotus, Hibiscus, etc already yet our garden felt incomplete so we thought let’s add more. Let’s try something that the people will love. After a lot of brainstorming and considering people’s demand we recently added three new soaps to our categories; Parijat, Son Champa and Kewda. We call it the trilogy of Indian exotic fragrances. All these fragrances are heavenly and give you all the feels of a garden full of blossoms of these flowers. 1. Raat ki Rani: Does this name suggest anything to you? Raat ki rani true to its name is the queen of the night as it blooms during the night and leaves a strong yet pleasing aroma in the surrounding. It is a sacred tree in Indian mythology. 2. Son Champa: The champa tree is considered sacred not just in India but many other Asian countries as well. It has a delicate yet penetrating, smooth aroma that is reminiscent of floral notes. It has made its position in the Indian traditions of spiritual worship ages ago. 3. Kewda: Kewda extracts from the male plant of Screwpine, has a sweet and pleasant fragrance similar to rose flowers but is more fruity. This plant is found typically in Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia, its oil is used as a flavouring agent. While these are the active ingredients of our new soaps they are also accompanied by Shea Butter and Jojoba oil to enhance the potential of the soaps. Shea butter extract locks the moisture in your skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time, while Jojoba oil, an easy absorbent, nourishes the skin and keeps it soft and supple. What are you waiting for? Get your self this trilogy of Indian exotic fragrances and get lost in the nirvana of fragrances.