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Cold Pressed Jojoba oil - 100 ml

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Nyassa brings you Jojoba Oil that is perfect for sensitive skin. Jojoba Oil is chemically similar to the skin's natural oil making it ideal for skincare. Being light and non-greasy, this unscented carrier oil spreads easily and is absorbed quickly by the skin. The anti-oxidant properties of this Jojoba Oil protect your body tissue from damaging and nourish your skin to make it soft and supple. Treat your chapped lips by simply applying Jojoba Oil directly. It works instantly in softening the chapped skin of your lips. Rich in Vitamin E and B-Complex, it is excellent for all hair types, especially damaged hair. A great hair moisturizer and anti-oxidant, it also works on split end with its replenishing qualities.


Fragrance Type: Unscented. Have natural note of Jojoba



* Pure Natural oil
* Since 2007
* Cold-pressed oil
* Silicon free
* Petroleum free
* Paraben-free
* Against animal testing
* cruelty-free
* Fresh small batches packed daily
* 100% vegetarian

More Information
Ingredients Cold pressed Jojoba oil and Vitamin E acetate
Ingredient Benefits "Cold-pressed Jojoba oil is considered superior because the process preserves all of the nutrients. 2. non-comedogenic This means that it will not clog pores and will not cause any allergic reactions.
3. Jojoba oil is non-toxic and non-allergenic.
4. It does not cause a greasy feeling.
5. It acts as an “Antioxidant” means that protects body tissue from damage
6. Spreads well and absorbs well.
7. Very stable – jojoba oil does not become rancid or lose antioxidants even after long periods of storage ."
How To Use Can be used directly on the skin. Recommended to be used with 3-4 drops of Fragrance oil/Essential oil in 50ml of oil. Can be used as morning and evening oil. Excellent for body massage. Explore blending different carrier oils for your skin type and need.
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