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Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil - 100 ml

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Get the best what nature has to offer in the form of the Nyassa Sweet Almond Oil. This carrier oil preserves all the natural nutrients in their purest form. The rich Vitamin E content makes it a natural moisturizer and skin softener that heal dry, irritated and scaly skin. Known to enhance blood circulation, the oil lends a youthful look to your skin. It retains skin elasticity and acts as an anti-wrinkle agent. Regular use of this unscented oil hydrates dry skin and tightens it. Loaded with anti-oxidant properties, it nourishes hair and controls hair fall. It cleanses impurities that arrest hair growth and also ensures that hair fall is lessened. Since it improves blood circulation, it is ideal for massaging. A must-have for sure, this anti-wrinkle and moisturizing oil is good for skin and hair too! Apply it directly or blend it with other carrier oils or fragrance/essential oils.

Unscented. Have natural note of Almond

Fragrance Scale: Light

*SKIN CARE: Sweet Almond oil is your skin's best friend. Packed with vitamin A and E, it gives your skin moisture, protecting it from UV rays and keeping it young and healthy. Being non comedogenic, it does not clog pores so is a boon for oily skin

*HAIR CARE: Sweet Almond Oil does wonders for hair too. It nourishes hair and smoothest hair cuticles and make hair grow long, strong and thick. Keeps dandruff in check

*Natural moisturizer and skin softener. Improves complexion. Good for dry and scaly skin

*Rich sources of vitamin A and E. Prevents pre mature ageing.

*Sweet Almond oil is known for increasing blood circulation. Ideal for body massages.

*Regular use of this unfragranced oil keeps skin moisturized thus preventing premature ageing.

More Information
Ingredients Cold-pressed sweet almond oil and Vitamin E acetate
Ingredient Benefits Sweet Almond Oil acts as a moisturizer and softener. It also stimulates the blood circulation and regulates the skin elasticity. It moisturizes better and deeper and soothes skin irritation and inflammation. Delays the aging process and lightens dark circles and improves skin complexion and retains the glow on the skin. Sweet Almond Oil does wonders for hair too. It nourishes hair and smoothes hair cuticles and make hair grow long, strong and thick. A must for dry and irritated and scaly skin.

Cold-pressed sweet almond oil is made by grinding or pressing almonds with either a stainless steel press or a millstone. During the pressing process, the temperature of the oil should not be more than 49-degree Celcius. Cold-pressed sweet almond oil is considered superior because the process preserves all of the almond's flavor, nutrients, and scent.
* Excellent massage oil
*Its active ingredients make it a natural moisturizer and skin softener
*This carrier oil helps in cleansing impurities out of the body ensuring hair and skin are free from harmful free radicals
*Has anti-wrinkle properties and prevents dry skin
*Provides all the benefits and nutrients of real almonds
*Improves skin elasticity and prevents hair fall.

How To Use Can be used directly on the skin. Recommended to be used with 3-4 drops of Fragrance oil/Essential oil in 50ml of oil. Can be used as morning and evening oil. Excellent for body massage. Explore blending different carrier oils for your skin type and need.
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