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Nyassa Peppermint 20ml

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The strong minty scent of Peppermint Essential Oil by Nyassa adds a dash of freshness to your mood. The menthol content in Peppermint Oil has a cooling effect on your skin; it also invigorates and soothes your skin. It nourishes dull skin, improves the texture of greasy and oily skin. Peppermint Oil is among the most beneficial essential oils that gives your skin a fresh look. The cooling sensation provided by menthol promotes healthy skin and proves to be quite uplifting for the senses too. This oil should not be used directly on your skin. Can be used in a pillow mist, diffuser, bathtub, massage oils and bathing water.



  • Peppermint oil creates a cooling sensation on the skin
  • Properly nourishes dull and oily skin
  • Improves texture of greasy and oily skin
  • Has a strong, minty aroma that keeps your mood positive
  • Perfect for keeping your skin healthy and supple
More Information
Ingredients Peppermint essential oil 99.5% & sunflower oil 0.5%.Ingredient_ Benefits= PEPPERMINT OIL contains menthol, which is good for the skin because it createsa cooling sensation. Furthermore, it nourishes dull skin and improves the texture of oily orgreasy skin'
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