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From Heaven and Earth

Ever since we started our modest but passionate attempt to create handmade soaps with ingredients that are absolutely nature-made, we have been overwhelmed by your encouragement which has made us progress from a recognizable soap maker to a desirable bath and body products brand.

Today, we stand before you with a whole new range of Nyassa products that not only reflect our continued commitment to bring you exclusive bath and body products of unmatched luxury and exceptional value, but also demonstrate a refreshing philosophy shaped by our deeper understanding of your needs, likes, and wants. 

We call this thinking ‘From Heaven and Earth’.
Imagine the most exotic and mesmerizing of fragrances, exquisite and indelible, romantic and dreamy. Then imagine a whole basket of pure and wholesome natural ingredients, from the bosom of the earth, beneficial to your skin and body. Now imagine them coming together harmoniously, elegantly, almost divinely, in bath soap, or a body butter, or a hand wash, or a face cream. 

Imagine products that stimulate your mind with their rich bouquets as they nourish and enliven your body with their active ingredients. In your shower or out of it. 

This is Nyassa. The best of heavenly fragrances together with the best of earthly ingredients. The sensuous and the physical. The ethereal and the real. Heaven and Earth. The coming together of two worlds creating an exciting new one. One of ceaseless imagination and untold possibilities.

So you will find the refreshing aroma of fresh coffee beans, the summer-time fragrance of Mediterranean lilies, or the eternal and enchanting scent of oudh, blending fluently with natural emollients like rice bran oil and jojoba oil ; Exfoliates like activated charcoal and orange peel extract; Antiseptic agents like birch tree extract and seaweed extract; Antioxidants and anti-aging agents like rhassoul clay and cinnamon extract. You will find natural moisturizing butters of shea and almonds and kokum complimenting many distinct and evocative fragrances like that of tropical vetiver and French lavender.

You will discover a whole range of luxurious butter soaps made with dry fruits, vanilla, oatmeal and honey, a whole line of nutritive sugar soaps made with the essence of raw sugar cane, and the Nyassa all time favorites like loofah soaps and olive soaps- reformulated in various new forms capturing the soul of this idea.

Of course, all these soaps as you very well know, is made from Active Base, a unique base of seven pure natural essential oils and ingredients - a practice observed solely by Nyassa- to affirm our obligation to ‘maximum value’ in all our products. A principle which we refuse to compromise, come what may. 

That’s not all. Again, on principle, we decided to put everything that goes inside the product, outside on the label. Just so that you know your Nyassa well. Not just the names of the ingredients, but how the key ones act on your skin too. Just so that you can know for yourself why perhaps walnut oil will suit your skin better than say, coffee extract. Or how a combination of honey suckles extract and argan oil can keep your skin germ-free and smooth. Just so that every time you pick up a Nyassa, you know everything about it. Like we are 100% vegetarian. Like there are no SLES or SLS or paraben in most of our products. Like we are against animal testing. 

Our labels bare our values. After all, honesty is a key character of Mother Nature, isn’t it? 

So it seems we have new labels. Well, we have new sizes too. It is a good thing we listened. For better hold and an improved overall bathing experience, most of our soaps will be made in 150 gram chunks, creating better value. 

Now, for the bottom line. Twelve years is not a long time, but we have come a long way. And we feel closer to nature than ever before. In the coming days and months and years, we will scour the earth and sweep the heavens to bring you the best of ingredients and the best of fragrances that will transform your bath and body experience. 

That’s our promise. 
From Heaven and Earth.