Majestic Rose + Night Blooming Jasmine Incense Stick
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Majestic Rose + Night Blooming Jasmine Incense Stick

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The smell of roses is elevating and restorative and encourages us to breathe deeply and slowly. Beautiful deep notes of Jasmine that really captures the essence of India in this incense stick.

Handcrafted aromatic incense sticks


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Ingredient Benefits Let the inimitable and romantic floral fragrance of roses transport you away from all the humdrum of daily life.The aroma of this rich floral scent has an intensely soothing effect on the mind. This will surely take you away from the daily grind to distant fond memories.
How To Use Light the coated end of Incense stick and allow flame to catch. Gently blow out the flame. Place an Incense stick on a fireproof and heat resistant surface, away from inflammable material. Use incense stick with care and in well ventilated spaces.
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