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Asian Lemongrass Handmade Loofah Soap 150gm

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Stimulate your senses with the zesty fragrance of the Asian Lemongrass Loofah Soap brought to you by Nyassa. The invigorating fresh scent of this handmade bath soap lifts up your energy levels and is a delight in the summers. It features the pure essence of heaven and earth to deliver a fragrance so refreshing that you will be consumed by a refreshing feel that soothes your skin and relaxes your senses. This Loofah Soap exfoliates and gently removes the surface layer of dead skin cells, giving you a smooth and radiant skin. This exfoliation enhances circulation, removes calluses leaving behind healthy and glowing skin. Nyassa Handmade Loofah Soaps are excellent exfoliating agents that are endowed with energizing and fresh scents. However, a word of caution: Since it contains natural loofah this soap can harsh for the face and for those with sensitive skin.

Fragrance Type: Herbal

Fragrance Scale: Strong

* Handmade soap from leading artisanal brand from India
* Paraben-free
* cruelty-free
* 100% vegetarian
* contains trademark active base- a unique base of seven pure cold-pressed oils and ingredients
* Blending the most exotic fragrances and natural ingredients with love, handcrafted for you to give you all new bathing experience.

More Information
Ingredients Lemongrass Essential Oil,Natural loofah, aloe vera extract, grape seed extract, honey, cold-pressed sweet almond oil, cold-pressed wheat germ oil, water, sodium cocoate, sodium stearate, propylene glycol, sucrose, sodium Laureth sulphate, glycerin, sodium chloride, disodium EDTA, BHT, vitamin E acetate, fragrance and colour C.I. NO. 19140, 42045.
Ingredient Benefits ActiveBaseis an exclusive and unique blend of six pure and natural carrier oils, essential oils and extract that goes into every Nyassa handmade soap, namely Aloe Vera Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Honey Extract, Cold-Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Cold-Pressed Wheatgerm Oil, and Vitamin E. These ingredients work best as Moisturizers, Healers and Soothing agents.

Lemongrass: Known for its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties; Eliminates bad odour as it is a natural deodorizer; Helps to reduce acne and blackheads ( Do not directly scrub with a loofah on Acne); Reduces excess oil from the body. Lemongrass is rich in essential vitamins and antioxidants that repair your skin damage from within. Antioxidants help to fight harmful free radicals and oxidative stress in the body, which may help reduce signs of aging. Loofah is a wonderful exfoliating sponge that gently removes the surface layer of dead skin cells, leaving your skin radiant, healthy and smooth. This exfoliation enhances circulation, removes calluses and help to prevent ingrown hair on the face and body.

Nyassa's Loofah soap bring together effective and natural exfoliant action and invigorating fragrances to give you a truly beneficial and luxurious bathing experience. So, after a tiring and busy day at work or home, feel the magic of Nyassa's natural loofah soap- a product of heaven and earth.

Fragrance Scale Strong
How To Use Wet the soap and rub it till it foams, apply on your wet body, massage it all over and then rinse well. For optimal longevity, keep the Nyassa soap in a well-drained soap dish between uses.
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