Nyassa Best of Nyassa (5piece)
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Nyassa Best of Nyassa (5piece)

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There may or may not be a special occasion every time you choose to gift someone. But a gift always brightens the day of anyone who receives it. At Nyassa we take the expression of gifting quite seriously and have created the Best Of Nyassa Gifting Set. The gift set is an inviting collection of five best selling handmade bath soaps handpicked to exemplify the varied and expressive range of Nyassa bath products. The set features Berry Berry, Manana Cubana, Temple Mogra, Under the Ocean and Sacred Sandalwood handmade soap. Each soap in this giftset features two exclusive ingredients that offer specific skin benefits and long lasting fragrance. As an indulgence for yourself or someone you love. This is truly a gift from heaven and earth.

Middle Eastern

  • An aromatic blend of fragrances with beneficial natural ingredients come together in Nyassa's handmade bath soaps
  • These soaps act as effective natural skin cleansers
  • Their active ingredients work as moisturisers, healers and soothing agents
  • They provide various skin benefits and soothing fragrance
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Ingredients Under the Ocean(150 gms); Sacred Sandalwood(150 gms); Berry Berry(150 gms); Manana Cubana(150 gms); Temple Mogra(150 gms).Ingredient _Benefits =Refer individual soap page'
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