Nyassa Face Moisturizer (50 gm)
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Nyassa Face Moisturizer (50 gm)

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The Face Moisturizer by Nyassa is a super luxurious face care product that pampers your skin in the truest sense. The blend of highly rich natural nutrients like Avocado and Wheatgerm oil offer in-depth moisture for aging, dry and damaged skin. Wheatgerm oil with its healing qualities and anti-oxidant levels repairs skin cells damaged due to exposure to sun, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle. It is one of the best anti-aging and anti-wrinkle agent that wipes off the fine lines and gives you youthful skin. The presence of Avocado Oil reduces the damage caused due to sun exposure. Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil hydrate and replenish moisture lost by dry skin making it softer. The delicate and alluring fragrance of this face cream comes by blending rose and lavender oils.



Nyassa Face Moisturizer (50 gm) - Features:

  • Rich in nutrients such as avocado and wheatgerm oil
  • Features anti aging and anti wrinkle properties
  • Excellent face care, repairs skin cells damaged by the sun, pollution or an unhealthy diet
  • Helps relieve damaged skin and is ideal for dry skin
  • Has an alluring mild fragrance of rose and lavender oils
More Information
Ingredients Avocado oil, jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil, shea butter, e- wax, DM water, glycerin, vitamin E acetate, methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol, essential oil / fragrance.
Ingredient Benefits Nyassa's luxurious face cream is highly rich in nutrients such as avocado and wheatgerm oil that are a boon for dry, damaged and aging skin. Wheatgerm oil is known to hydrate , heal & prevents skin conditions. Due to its high levels of antioxidants, it has the ability to repair skin cells that have been damaged by the sun, pollution or an unhealthy diet. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and can soothe sunburns. Avocado oilis said to relieve damaged skin, in particular damage caused by sun exposure. It helps to form a natural barrier against wrinkles and many other signs of aging skin. Not only do avocado oil, shea butter jojoba oil and wheatgerm oil work well on dry skin and keep it nourished but also this face cream has an alluring mild fragrance of rose and lavender oils that soothe and calm your mind as well.
Fragrance Scale Moderate
How To Use Take a little face moisturizer on your finger. Massage gently with upward strokes on your face. Do not rub too vigorously. Start with small quantities and increase if need be.
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