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Shea Body Butter 30gm

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The rich and creamy Shea body butter is fortified with saffron. Saffron is a renowned natural ingredient that promotes radiant and glowing blemish-free skin. Filled with the goodness of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, Shea butter is a rich butter which is ideal for healthy, younger-looking skin. A perfect remedy fo dry skin, shea butter with its antioxidants enhances skin health, while saffron brings out a natural glow to maintain fair skin. Like all butter, the Shea body butter from Nyassa moisturizes dry and parched skin.





* Fortified with Shea butter and Saffron
* Since 2007
* Silicon free
* Paraben-free
* Against animal testing
* cruelty-free
* Fresh small batches packed daily
* High quality ensured as manufacturing is done in own factory
* 100% vegetarian

More Information
Ingredients Shea butter, saffron, cold-pressed sweet almond oil, e-wax, distilled water, glycerine, vitamin E acetate, methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol, and fragrance
Ingredient Benefits "Saffron - Saffron is an excellent skin lightening agent that helps to lighten your skin tone dramatically. It's anti-oxidant and exfoliating qualities clears and brightens up the complexion.

Shea Butter- High in Vitamin A and Vitamin E
Vitamin A (Retinol) helps to cure sun-exposed skin and provides nourishment to the skin.
Vitamins E:- (Tocopherol)- Helps to reduce wrinkles, and stimulates the blood circulation. Regulates the skin elasticity"

"This body butter is fortified with saffron and shea butter
Provides a natural method of formulating radiant and glowing blemish-free skin
Has a high content of vitamin A & Vitamin E and contains antioxidants
Perfectly formulated to give healthy, younger-looking fair skin
Acts as an excellent moisturizer for dry skin"

Fragrance Scale Strong
How To Use Take out a portion of the body cream from the container and apply it on the dry parts of your body. Massage it for few minutes on your skin to help it penetrate. Great for elbows, knees and very dry parts of the body.
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