Nyassa Wooden Box Gift Set (4 piece)
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Nyassa Wooden Box Gift Set (4 piece)

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Express yourself with the goodness of heaven and earth. Nyassa Wooden Box gift set brings together fragrances and handpicked ingredients to create an experience that celebrates your natural beauty. The attractive wooden box has been customised with Lily of the Valley Light Body Lotion, Under the Ocean Shower Gel, Lily of the Valley Handmade Soap and Under the Ocean Handmade Soap. Leave a lasting impression on your loved ones as they experience the tender care that will delight their minds and nourish their skin.

  • Great gifting option for any women
  • Features premium Nyassa products for body, facial and hair care
  • Handmade soaps that work best as moisturisers, healers and soothing agents
  • Shampoo acts as an effective natural hair conditioner and an excellent moisturiser
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