Tea Pot Diffuser (3 piece)
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Tea Pot Diffuser (3 piece)

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Crafted for those who appreciate the brilliance of design and functionality, the Nyassa Tea Pot Diffuser is a welcome change from the traditional diffuser designs. This three-piece essential oils diffuser enhances your aromatic experience and creates an aura of refreshing fragrance that helps you relax and elevate your mood. The beauty of intricate detailing is reminiscent of the actual teapot which adds a unique twist to the overall look. To use, place a tea lite candle in the lower section and place water with 2-3 drops of the fragrance oil.

- Classy and attractive design that elevates the appeal of any room

- Potted diffuser crafted with attention to details

- Creates a soothing and refreshing ambiance in the room

- Turns your room into a tranquil zone with refreshing fragrances

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