Terracota Diffuser (1 piece)
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Terracota Diffuser (1 piece)

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Take a step back from the daily stress and demanding lifestyle and loose your self to pure aroma therapy with the Nyassa Terracotta Diffuser. This essential oils diffuser creates an aura of rich aromatic experience in your room that is identical to any spa-like ambience. This single frame aromatherapy diffuser allows you to infuse the pure aroma of essential oils in any setting to create your personal aromatherapy oasis. Perfect for beginners, this essential oil diffuser is made from red clay which is lightweight and supports faster diffusing. To use, place a tea lite candle in the lower section and place water with 2-3 drops of the fragrance oil.

- Enhances the ambiance of your room

- Keeps your room fragrant

- Hand-crafted aromatherapy diffuser

- Made of top-grade materials

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