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  • I have used Nyassa's bath & body products for my personal & gifting purpose The product quality is very high and the range of products is awesome the fragrance & flavor of each & every products is too good that it makes the room fresh I surely recommend I
    Kanak Furia
  • I have often heard Nyassa is from heaven n earth. I wake up each morning on earth n look forward to using my Nyassa Ocean fragrance products. This fragrance makes me feel like I'm in heaven! I look forward to each morning with a smile on my lips! Thanks N
    Anoushka Tejuja
  • I am a regular user of Nyassa Bath & Body Products. I also gift it to close friends, relatives and clients. The product quality is excellent and I have been more than satisfied using the products. I have no hesitation in recommending Nyassa Bath and Body
    Himansshu Gaala
  • Ishween Anand has been my constant business mentor and guiding light and inspiration to even join the Pinnacle chapter. Her innovative strategies for her products and having seen her grow from strength to strength by creating an industry where none existe
    Radhika Khurana
  • Kanak Furia
  • Anoushka Tejuja
  • Himansshu Gaala
  • Radhika Khurana

Organicfrom our blog

New Launch - Kewda, Parijat and Son Champa

13, April, 2022

Of all the fragrance categories, floral is the most versatile and dear to perfumers for they sell extensively. Not just that, a person who loves floral fragrances has too many options to choose from because of the enormous range of fragrances.

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Divine Lotus Gift Set

02, March, 2022

Indulge yourself in the divinity and purity of the Lotus flower! A symbol of rebirth and enlightenment, lotus has one of the purest fragrances which have been incorporated in scents and beauty products for decades.

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Women artisans of Nyassa

10, February, 2022

Although we have grown many fold, we are still a small business and at the heart of Nyassa are the women who work efficiently to bring forward every product with love and care.

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Handmade Soap

13, February, 2018

Say goodbye to the ordinary. Nyassa presents an extraordinary range of natural handmade soaps meticulously created by blending the most exotic and redolent of fragrances with highly beneficial and nourishing of ingredients, to offer you a bathing experience like never before.

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More than a Beauty Oil - Argan Oil

01, May, 2016

Argan Oil has created a buzz in the beauty industry ever since the numerous health benefits of this oil have been made public to the world. Nyassa brings you this extremely nutrient rich Argan plant oil in the form of Nyassa Pure Argan Oil.

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Handmade with Love

Blending the most exotic fragrances and natural ingredients with love, hand crafted for you to give you all new bathing experience.

Fragrances of the world

The best of heavenly fragrances from the world chosen and processed to lighten up your world. The ethereal and the real.

100% Vegetarian

Carefully picked ingredients mixed only with Love. So, every time you pick up a Nyassa, you know its 100% vegetarian , 100% Love.

Against Animal Testing

Experimenting on animals is always unacceptable. We are against animal testing.